Thermolite fabric is said to be a synthetic material which also serves as a kind of insulator as far as clothing is concerned. It is mostly used in the product of most of the outfits for outdoor activities and an example is your sports wear. This is geared towards protecting the wearer from harsh weather conditions. It all depends on what you really desire to achieve with the use of this unique fabric, it has a lot of benefits that almost every user stands to enjoy.


The Thermolite fabric is also used as a base layer for most clothes of different fabric. This is mainly due to the fact that it absorbs moisture from the wearer’s body and lets same out of the outfit through evaporation. By doing this, the wearer is kept dry and warm at the same time. It also has the capability to trap air which also helps it to maintain warmth. Listed below are some of the characteristics that makes this fabric special. They are:


aurum-cursorMaintains warmth

aurum-cursorStays drier

aurum-cursorEasy to dry

aurum-cursorAbility to wick moisture


aurum-cursorHigh durability