The Supplex fabric is a product that was created with the unique combination of modern fiber technology and cotton. The result of this turned out to be fabric that is confirmed to be both long lasting and comfortable. Although it shares a similarity with cotton, the differences are based on the fact that while cotton shrinks and fades in the course of it being used, Supplex does not. While cotton looses shape and size after several wears and washes, this material retains its shape and size. It is known to be soft and lightweight.


It is mostly used in producing swim suits, certain lingerie and under wears. Because Supplex fabric is water and wind resistant, you can wear it in any type of weather without fears of it being easily damaged. When it comes to the characteristics associated with various fabrics, listed below are some of its characteristics


aurum-cursor Breathable

aurum-cursor Wind resistant

aurum-cursor Water resistant

aurum-cursor Dries quickly

aurum-cursor Retains its shape

aurum-cursor Retains its size

aurum-cursor Soft and lightweight

aurum-cursor Does not shrink or fade